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30 years ago I said goodbye to sunny Australia and settled in Israel.

After living on a kibbutz in the north for 3 years I joined the IDF medical corp. as a physiotherapist treating wounded soldiers.

During this time I married and now have a wonderful family and we live in a quaint little town called Binyamina.

As a family we loved to travel all over our beautiful country and over the years I have shared the country with many family and friends from abroad. I was often told that I was wasting my time as a physiotherapist and that my true calling is guiding .So after nearly 20 years in uniform I followed my dream and now I am sharing my fascinating country with visitors from all over the globe.



Over the last 10 years I have taken over 300 small groups and families on tour. Each trip is customized to meet the needs of the group. So far my youngest client was 6 months old and the oldest 97!!


I feel each time that I am privileged that it is my job to share our amazing country with visitors from abroad.



I look forward to meeting YOU soon!.




Shalom, David Cherny

David Cherny
Tel Aviv Beach
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